A partnership of distinction

Your time and trust are of the utmost importance to us. This is precisely why we take care of every single detail for you. Our expertise and profound understanding of intricate investment processes allow us to spot and manage every opportunity or issue before they arise while keeping you closely informed.

the partnership

Like an elegant garment, a promising enterprise must display certain attributes to attract attention. Yet some characteristics both first-rate and of a lesser grade may not be so quickly apparent. Price, or valuation, is not always evidence of quality.

Although we are not tailors, we do pay close attention to patterns. Whatever the sector, we have found that successful businesses share identifiable traits. Those who fail exhibit similar faults.

This understanding allows you to receive a bespoke solution if you wish to proceed with an investment you have identified but also want to be certain of your choice.

the benefits

Time saving from due diligence to completion can significantly drain your time. To do these tasks well can be exhaustive, requiring a complete grasp of the minutiae and appreciation of the bigger picture.

Competitive deals investors typically secure a meaningful discount on company valuations by working with us, because we can call on previous facts and figures to aid your negotiations and ensure you dont overpay.

Empathy while you want a return on your investment, you will often want to share your knowledge and experiences to help a young business grow. We are mindful of the emotional impact of decisions, but sometimes must tell clients what they would prefer not to hear.

The best investment is often money spent finding out why you shouldnt go ahead. Galayev & Co are experts at providing such reassurance.


Experience our proven team has years of expertise in evaluating young ventures and supporting investors. Although our company is young, we have helped angel investors fund over 25 companies, assessing 100 early stage ventures over four years.

Business understanding we understand early stage ventures and what it takes to carve out a niche. We recognise how disruptors can be disrupted, where challenges may emerge and why trends go out of fashion.

Inventive spirit dealing with multiple enterprises is infectious. It helps us to learn, to solve problems as we grow our own business but also imbues us with an energy that works in your favour.