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Our rich experience in managing start-up investments across diverse industries only proves that its never about ideas, its all about making ideas happen. Angel investments are known for being an inherently risky venture. We offer safe and knowledgeable hands for your investments, and we are all about helping take informed actions. Take a minute to familiarise yourself with the ideas that we have already helped transform into reality.

Air Agents

Air Agents is the UKs most loved management company for Hosts on Airbnb.
Delivers the best hospitality to guests, leading to amazing reviews, better occupancy and in turn the best possible revenue. Air Agents deliver an end to end service to our landlords with our trusted team, leaving minimal work and maximum reward. They will also: deal with enquiries, guest screening and arrange bookings, provide a tour of your property, local area recommendations, explanation of house rules and key exchange and finally arrange cleaning and supply fresh linen and towels.

Look After My Bills (exited)
Look After My Bills (exited)

Look After My Bills aka LAMB was founded by two friends who could never get round to changing their energy provider. So they vowed to find a better way. A better way to switch. A better way to save.

LAMB was created to make saving money and time much easier and aims to remove all the hassle from switching your energy in one simple way, well do it all for you. It works like this:

1. You sign-up to LAMB and provide your energy details
2. LAMB looks at the market and switches you to a great energy deal
3. LAMB keeps checking the market and switches you again when your deal is ending
4. You sit back and relax, your energy is in LAMBs safe hands. No more hassle!

Carun CBD (exited)
Carun CBD (exited)

Carun is a specialist organic hemp brand that manufactures a wide range of skincare and food supplements containing active compounds such as CBD. Products range from ointment and creams to CBD oils and balms, with quality produce and organic natural hemp at the heart.

We use organically farmed hemp to produce range with naturally occurring active compounds that you can find in all of our products. Thanks to our high-quality ingredients and expertise in advanced extraction, you can now consume CBD, terpenes, and other minerals safely as part of an everyday health routine.

Most importantly, none of our products contain substantial traces of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a psychoactive element that is found in hemp. As a result, our products are legal and completely safe for adults. In fact, all goods meet the pharmaceutical manufacturing standard of ISO 13845. Plus, Carun is cruelty-free organic and vegan-friendly with no reported allergies to date.

The Snaffling Pig Co
The Snaffling Pig Co

The Snaffling Pig Co is one of the fastest growing snacking companies in the UK and are on a mission to take pork crackling to places its never been before, using big, bold flavours and awesome quality ingredients.  In 2016 they appeared on BBC2's Dragons Den and in 2017 were crowned the Virgin StartUp Foodprenuer winners. They have also received a total of eight Great Taste Awards to date.

Some of the most credible people I've ever met in the new venture community. No cookie cutter solutions offered. By working with Galayev & Co you gain access to an exceptional network of professionals.

Nick Coleman, founder
Hanna Sillitoe
Hanna Sillitoe

Far from being simply another generic skincare brand jumping on the clean-cosmetics bandwagon, Hannas entry into the botanical beauty market comes from a very personal passion for healthy skin. Having struggled with severe acne, eczema and psoriasis since she was a teenager, Hanna found herself on a repetitive cycle of greasy emollients, strong-smelling coal tar shampoos and medicated steroid creams.  

Hanna did not give up and embarked on finding a better way to heal the skin. After much reading and researching, she switched to plant-based meals, healthy green juices and excluded skin-damaging sugars and alcohol from her diet. Combined with introducing skin beneficial vitamins and replacing petroleum-based skincare with natural essential oils she saw incredible results. Within 28 days she felt comfortable enough to go out in short sleeves for the first time in years. This was something two decades of pharmaceuticals had never achieved. She couldnt believe that many of the prescription products shed been using contained carcinogenic ingredients, and the seemingly harmless lotions and emollients shed been slathering on daily used petrol as a primary ingredient. It was time for a change, and the Hanna Sillitoe brand was born.


Splento turns every event into a lasting memory. When it comes to turning an occasion into lasting memories or effective marketing tools you need a photographer you can trust. With an ever-growing database of specialist, multi-lingual photographers, Splento has everything covered, from a family shoot to a graduation ceremony, a corporate conference to a product launch providing a guaranteed, end-to-end service, even at short notice.

Sublime Science (exited)
Sublime Science (exited)

Sublime Science are on a mission to inspire one million children to discover how interesting learning science can be through making sweets and slime as science experiments at birthday parties.

Marc Wileman founded Sublime Science with the sole intention of showing children how much fun science can be. He founded Sublime Science with a £1,750 Prince's Trust loan in 2008, aged just 22. Those early parties and events may seem a distant memory, but they proved to be a formidable training ground. A decade later Sublime Science is now an award-winning national company, backed by a couple of Dragons, and winner of the Netmums Kids Party Award, a Queen's Award for Enterprise, a Great British Entrepreneur Award and most importantly, to have made science awesome for more than one million children.


Former motorbike racer Magnus Houston had to end his professional career with Suzuki because of a crash and after a trip in a friends creel boat, decided to buy his own, catching lobster and crab off the Easter Ross coast. But Houston was frustrated that much of the produce was bought up and sent to the European markets. So in 2011, backed by the Prince's Trust, he set up Coast & Glen in Inverness, a wholesale business that supplied local restaurants and hotels with fish and seafood landed by local fishermen.

While that was successful, it soon became apparent that there was also demand from individual consumers for high-quality produce, caught locally and sustainably, and governed by the season, rather than the fish. This product-led tradition means goods are sold through the supertrawler-supermarket route, which may be cheaper... but tastes cheaper. And so Fishbox was born, offering a convenient, nutritious and fun way to eat more fish and seafood.

After just a couple of days it took Galayev & Co to analyse the data shared, they were ready to meet and discuss the future business strategy of Fishbox. In this meeting I was amazed at their insights, not only of anticipated future trading, but of our current business model, that they could deliver. They helped to devise a strategy for Fishbox that would increase profit margins by more than 20% and internal processes that would save us not only on time but future costs. I would highly recommend anyone to get in touch with Galayev & Co for advice on their existing or future trading plans as this stands out as the best thing we have done for our business.

Magnus Houston founder
Wool Couture

Wool Couture came about when co-founder Claire swapped the high profile and pressured life of a NHS Director to pursue her stress-relief passion for knitting. She quickly invested her business acumen into her burgeoning venture. You cant keep an entrepreneurial spirit still for long and Claires love for knitting and crocheting rapidly grew into the successful enterprise it is today, with lots more still to come. Originally inspired by giant knitting and crocheting, including arm-knitting, more brilliant crafts were added to the mix and became part of the Wool Couture offering, with a twist of macramé and the wonder of weaving.

From day one it has been about designing, creating, making, and sharing all things yarn, and so the next part of this wonderful woolly journey sees the Wool Couture Studio & Makery open for workshops and sharing space with like-minded independent businesses, crafters and creatives.

Halo Coffee
Halo Coffee

Halo has managed to create a speciality coffee in a Nespresso compatible compostable capsule that can be disposed of in your home food bin or by home composting. Every Halo is completely biodegradable, a completely natural blend of bamboo and paper pulp designed by a world-leading environmental packaging team.

Each component of the Halo capsule complies with EN13432 standards whilst maintaining consistency, superb water flow and extraction rates.

Halo are relentless in their desire to encapsulate the worlds rarest, most precious and most desirable coffees. But finding them is just the start. Creating the perfect cup involves complex granulometry and capsule engineering but the most important ingredient is always the very best coffee, roasted and ground to perfection.

There is an unspoken suspicion that products that are good for the planet must somehow taste less good, or be less beautiful. At Halo, were breaking the need for this choice. We are on a mission to give people the worlds best coffee, in a way they want it, thats best for the world

Nils, Founder
Watmuff & Beckett
Watmuff & Beckett

British-grown food is too delicious to ignore. Watmuff & Beckett is everything you hoped a good food company would be: sourcing the finest UK produce, turning it into scrumptious and convenient meals, and allowing people around the country to enjoy their creations. This has enabled the firm to become one of the fastest growing ready-meal companies in the UK.

The two founders are ridiculously proud of British-farmed food, and have set out on a mission to get more people eating and enjoying it. Food simply tastes better when its fresher especially when it is grown and reared on land that is naturally fertile. Added to this is the extra benefit that comes from eating regional produce: saving the world thousands of air miles at a time.  And thats why Watmuff & Beckett created a range of soups and risottos to provide consumers with delicious, healthy British meals.

Heat & eat. Thats it!


T+ have created a super tea for any mood or occasion you may need, and one that works harder for your health than anything that exists on the market currently.

We blend the perfect mix of functional herbs, vitamins and fruit for whenever you might need an energising boost, a natural cleanse, a top up to your immune system or a daily wellness helping hand. All delivering 50% RDA in daily essential vitamins to help give you the nutritional boost when you need it most.

Were also using this clever little tea as a force for good and teamed up with the incredible charity Vitamin Angels to spread the power of vitamins to those in need. So every time you buy a box of t plus super tea, we spread the power of those vitamins a little further.

T+ are the only tea to deliver you all this in one super little teabag:

50% RDA in 9 daily essential vitamins ( including B6, B12, folic acid and C )
Powerful functional herbs like Milk Thistle, Echinacea, Ginseng and Cardamom.
Antioxidant-packed green tea.
Natural fruit flavours


CYCL is a cycling safety company. Cycling is becoming more and more popular. It is estimated that there are more than two billion bicycles around the world, with more than 35 million of them just in the UK and there are far too many cycling accidents. CYCLs strategy is to make cycling safer and ultimately save lives. Why do bicycles not use indicators? There is no reason. This is where the idea for the WingLights product was born.

By working with Galayev & Co. you gain access to an exceptional network of people.

Luca Amaduzzi founder
Slappie (exited)
Slappie (exited)

Slappie are the company that brought you the Original Slap Watch and other fun, colourful and funky accessories with a purpose, premium quality and a passion for design. The founders ethos is to provide the style conscious with a versatile, unique and affordable way of making every second count.

Experienced, reliable and knowledgeable support. An invaluable asset to any growing company! Galayev & Co developed my business from Dragons' Den to exit.

David Kendall Founder

ShakeSphere was founded upon the need for a supplement shaker bottle suitable before, during and after a workout. Company founder Rick Beardsell, an elite level sprint athlete with numerous World and European titles, designed and developed the ShakeSphere bottle. The patented product eradicates the need for mixing accessories by using its capsule shape. As a result, powder doesnt get stuck in the corners or on mixing accessories, which may happen with traditional shakers.

ShakeSphere has continually evolved during its testing and development period, taking on board feedback over the years from athletes, fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders and coaches. In 2017 the founding partners appeared on BBC2's Dragon's Den and secured an investment.